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1990’s early : Bernshaw : Red Pin Dress a la ‘Versace’

1990’s early : Bernshaw : Red Pin Dress a la ‘Versace’

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Modern UK10. Vintage Size UK12.
Bust 102cm/40″, waist 72cm/28.5″, hips 88cm/34.5″, length 70cm/27.5″
Modern UK12. Vintage Size UK14.
Bust 104cm/41″, waist 74cm/29″, hips 98cm/38.5″, length 70cm/27.5″


Behold, a vintage marvel for the discerning fashion enthusiast! Crafted by the illustrious house of Bernshaw, under the visionary leadership of design maven Phyllis Bernstein, this red pin dress is an exquisite tribute to the iconic styles of the 1990s. Reminiscent of the audacious and fearless designs synonymous with the era of Versace's reign, it encapsulates the essence of daring sophistication. With its bold silhouette and striking hue, this dress stands as a testament to the era's sartorial opulence and timeless allure.

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