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1980’s mid : Frank Usher : Magenta Pink Blouse & Skirt Set

1980’s mid : Frank Usher : Magenta Pink Blouse & Skirt Set

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This is the last piece remaining —perhaps the only one left in the world!


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Original UK10. Modern UK8
Skirt- Waist 80cm/31.5″ unstretched, hips 98cm/38.5″, length 67cm/26.5″
Blouse – Bust 98cm/38.5″, waist 90cm/35.5″, length 61cm/24″


Indulge in timeless elegance with this vintage Anne Bruh for Frank Usher Magenta Pink Blouse and Skirt Set—a radiant ensemble that transcends eras with its enduring style. Crafted in the vibrant hues of the 1980s, this set remains a versatile and coveted addition to any wardrobe, seamlessly blending with contemporary trends. Impeccably preserved in unworn condition, this set promises a rare find, ensuring you possess a unique piece in pristine state. The bold and vivacious magenta hue commands attention, while the fluidity of the blouse and skirt exudes an effortless grace. Whether for a glamorous event or to infuse everyday attire with a burst of colour, this vintage set is destined to make heads turn. Embrace the allure of fashion history and enrich your collection with this Frank Usher creation—a timeless masterpiece awaiting its place in your ensemble.

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