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1980’s late : Dusk: Pink & Black Trouser and Skirt Suit

1980’s late : Dusk: Pink & Black Trouser and Skirt Suit

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Modern UK8. Original UK8
Jacket bust 88cm/34.5″, waist 72cm/28″, length 72cm/28″
Skirt waist 64cm/25″, hips 88cm/34.5″, length 61cm/24″
Trousers waist 66cm/26″, hips 106cm/41.5″, inside leg 77cm/30″, length 105cm/41″
Modern UK10. Original UK10
Jacket bust 90cm/35″, waist 76cm/30″, length 70cm/27.5″
Skirt waist 66cm/26″, hips 96cm/37.5″, length 62cm/24″
Trousers waist 68cm/26.5″, hips 112cm/44″, inside leg 78cm/30.5″, length 107cm/42″

Step into the timeless elegance of the late 1980s with this Anne Bruh at Dusk for Frank Usher Pink & Black Trouser and Skirt Suit—a sophisticated ensemble that transcends occasions with its enduring style. Crafted from premium materials, this suit guarantees both comfort and longevity, ensuring a wardrobe staple that withstands the test of time. The striking pink and black colour pairing exudes a sense of chic sophistication, setting it apart from the crowd. Meticulously tailored trousers and skirt offer a flattering silhouette for every body type, while the design radiates elegance and refinement. Whether commanding attention at a boardroom meeting or stepping onto the scene of a special event, this vintage suit promises to elevate your ensemble with timeless flair. Don't hesitate—seize the opportunity to add this classic piece to your wardrobe and make a bold fashion statement wherever you go.

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